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Established in 1953, Zhejiang Jinhua Friendship industry was a state-owned enterprise.In 1998, it was reformed be a joint-stock system.

We are focus on steel-wooden school furniture since from 1981, with 42 years of school furniture production experience. At present, our factory covers aland area of 100,000 square meters and 50,000 square meters plant area, with about 400 employees including 20% technicians and engineers.

The annual output of our factory is 200,000 units school furniture with $20million annual sales. 70% of our products are exporting to North America, West Europe, South America, Middle east, South Africa etc.

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  • Super factory

    Covering a floor area of 100.000 square meters

  • Founded in 1953

    Established in 1953,we are the largest manufacturer specialized in steel-wood furniture production with creative design and rich experience.

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  • Call Us:0086-579-82158940
  • Mobile/WhatsAPP:+86 13750981152
  • Wechat:13750981152