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Reasonable design elements of student desks and chairs

Reasonable student learning desks and chairs can reflect its comfort in both visual and sensory aspects. The design focuses on the shape, material and color of tables and chairs.

1. Modeling elements

Students study the shape design of tables and chairs to follow its use function. No matter what shape breakthrough is made, it cannot be separated from the support function of two “faces”, namely the support function of the chair surface and the desktop. Therefore, first of all, in the process of designing tables and chairs, the modeling design should be carried out around these two aspects; Secondly, consider whether the chair face and back can keep the spine and body in balance and in a natural state, so as to better adapt to the physiological structure and characteristics of the human body.

2. Material elements

The materials used by students to study desks and chairs are mainly steel pipes and PP plastics. Among them, the table top, chair surface and chair back are mainly made of PP plastic, and the support part is made of steel pipe. PP plastic has small density, easy to color, excellent electrical insulation and chemical corrosion resistance, the highest mechanical properties and heat resistance among general thermoplastics, good fatigue resistance, good surface stiffness and scratch resistance, and low price. These features can solve the problems of easy grinding and scratching of desks and chairs in the classroom. The material has good sanitary performance, non-toxic and tasteless, and is a green environmental protection product.

The designed chair is made of hollow blow molding. Compared with the traditional wooden chair surface, it is more comfortable to sit, which to a large extent relieves the pressure brought by learning and is beneficial to the physical and mental health of students. At the same time, the humanized design of warm in winter and cool in summer can improve learning interest. It is formed by one-time injection molding, and the production procedure is simpler. The product is impact resistant, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, convenient for cleaning, automatic silent recovery, and convenient for getting up and out.

3. Color elements

The design of desks and chairs for students’ study requires bright colors, energetic and colorful. Through analysis, it is found that green is a symbol of hope, which can calm the mood, reduce the pressure in the eyes and reduce visual fatigue. Therefore, it is determined that the plates of tables and chairs are light green, and the steel pipes are light gray.