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What factors should be considered in selecting students’ desks and chairs?

School is the place where students live for the longest time, and it is the place where students grow up. School furniture is an inseparable “companion” to accompany their growth. As a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing students’ study desks and chairs, school furniture and other products, it is believed that the selection of students’ study desks and chairs should take into account safety, health, environmental protection and other factors, so that children have a warm learning environment.

1、 Security

Students learn whether there are hidden dangers to students in the treatment of each corner of desks and chairs, whether the butt joint of desks and chairs is loose, whether the stability of desks and chairs is firm and fixed, and whether the stairs and escalators on and under the dormitory bed are firm.

2、 Health

Whether the desks and chairs in the school conform to the ergonomics, which is beneficial to the comfort of students in class, does not affect the height, the development of cervical vertebra, the growth speed of each person’s height is different, the height of desks and chairs will not be the same, and the length of the iron bed when sleeping is also different, which is the basis for affecting the growth of students, so that the healthy growth of children, each type of school furniture is important.

3、 Environmental protection

Whether there are problems such as excessive formaldehyde in school furniture such as desks and chairs, and whether there are national environmental protection quality system certification.

The above three points are some things that should be paid attention to when selecting school furniture such as student study chairs. Let’s have a more thorough understanding that we should not be careless and choose good school furniture by using the correct scheme.

From this point of view, whether students’ desks and chairs meet the national standards is by no means a trivial matter. It is related to whether each child can develop correct reading and writing posture, learning interest and healthy body during primary and secondary school.