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Six maintenance tips for school furniture

1. Students’ desks and chairs should be placed in ventilated and dry places, not close to fire sources or damp walls, to avoid exposure to the sun.

2. The dust on the desks and chairs of students should be removed with a wool duster, or the floating dust on the surface should be gently wiped with a pure cotton dry soft cloth at regular intervals. Try not to scrub it with water. If necessary, wipe it gently with a damp soft cloth. Never scrub it with alkaline water, soapy water or detergent solution to avoid affecting the brightness of the paint or causing the paint to fall off.

3. When students move desks and chairs, they should be lifted off the ground. Do not push or pull hard to avoid loosening or damage of their legs. The shell of the ladder row chair seat is made of high-quality PP (polybingene) multi-element composite material by plastic injection molding, which will never change color, crack, environmental protection and durability. The tripod is made of high-quality 2.0-thick cold-rolled steel plate by stamping and welding. The surface is sprayed with powder and treated with static electricity, which will never rust.

4. Do not use corrosive substances, acid or alkaline on the table; Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical reagents to remove stains.

5. The chair should pay attention to the uniform stress on four legs. Our children should not let the chair tilt up when sitting down. It is also to protect themselves while protecting the chair.

6. Primary school education furniture children and children like to scribble on desks and chairs with knives and ballpoint pens. You should know that the scratches are not beautiful, and will also bring potential damage to the desks and chairs.