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Flexibility needs to be considered when designing school furniture

In the past, there was only one scene needed in the classroom: the teacher was in front (sitting on a chair or writing on the blackboard), and the students lined up in parallel rows to listen and take notes. But nowadays, teaching style has undergone great changes. Future schools must be flexible, because in these schools, the daily life of the school is organized through rhythmic activities.

The new method of arranging tables and chairs is part of meeting this change, which can promote the communication between teachers and students and ensure the democratization of the teaching environment. In schools in the 21st century, the focus has changed from teachers to students. In order to show this change, the design of teaching environment must also change.

The furniture must be flexible and able to meet the different arrangement modes in the space, and ensure that the indoor arrangement can quickly and quietly adapt to various activities proposed by the school curriculum.

The space possibilities that contribute to new teaching practices include:

• Circled discussion space.

• Panel discussion.

• Space for individual communication with teachers.

• Personal space for autonomous learning. In this case, it is helpful to provide mobile partitions

• Space for displaying teachers’ works. Here, some emerging technologies can provide dynamic and interactive whiteboards to attract students’ interest and attention.

Therefore, light and portable furniture is far superior to traditional wooden furniture. Wheeled chairs are a good choice because they are quiet and easy to move. In addition, they can adjust the height and rotation angle, so they are often easier to use than fixed ones. Traditional school furniture usually brings a lot of discomfort, and students need to change their positions frequently.