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School furniture needs to consider ergonomics

A study conducted by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) in the UK confirmed that children today have taller (longer) arms and legs compared to children 30 years ago. These data can directly affect the comfort of furniture. In many schools today, these 21st century children are still using furniture designed for children more than 50 years ago.

The furniture selected in the school must fit the size of the child, not the opposite. They must be allowed to move in their seats and maintain good posture.

The furniture of the future school must reflect the current needs of children. In addition to beauty, the quality of furniture (and its layout in the interior space) can also help promote the physical development of children. In this way, it can also provide the best learning environment for students of all ages. The same survey conducted by FIRA shows that 13% of students aged 10 to 16 can feel uncomfortable in the hips. This number is even higher among older children. Choosing tables and chairs with a certain slope can solve this problem to a large extent.